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We Simply Cannot Continue Our Wonderful Mission Without Your Help…We Need You!

While We Have Been Serving the Hungry, the Needy and the Homeless in Pinellas County Florida Over 32 Years, With The Current Economic Situation In Pinellas County, We Need Your Help More Than Ever.

As a 501©(3) nonprofit corporation, we rely TOTALLY on donations from people like you.

Unfortunately, as costs have gone up and up, our donations have dwindled to a point now where our Rescue Mission is in dire need of your help to be able to keep our doors open and to continue to serve the hungry, the needy and the homeless.

As we said in our About Us page, the doors to our Rescue Mission are always open seven days a week to the poor and needy. What is truly frightening is that without an increase in gifts and donations from people like you, our doors could possibly close forever. If this happened, it would mean that food for millions of meals each and every year distributed by the Suncoast Haven of Rest Rescue Mission could stop forever.

The thing is that most people do not know that truly every little bit helps. Think about it for a minute. If you could give just…

$1 – you could provide food for over 14 meals to the hungry, the needy and the homeless.

$10 could provide food for over 142 meals to the hungry, the needy and the homeless.

$100 could provide food for over 1,428 meals to the hungry, the needy and the homeless.

$1,000 could provide food for over 14,285 meals to the hungry, the needy and the homeless.

The question is, can you only give $1.00? It would still be used for meals to the hungry, the needy and the homeless. Can you afford $1,000? Praise the Lord for your gift!

On the other hand, if you don’t give anything that means that there will be people that need food and assistance but will not have your help.

Please donate whatever you can. If you cannot donate, please pray for our work and God Bless you for your prayers.

You can also donate goods and services for our mission and for those we serve.

Some examples:
– Furniture/housewares and appliances
– Kitchen items and appliances for our preparation and serving of meals
– Vehicles for transport and delivery
– Electronics and computer/network equipment for our administration and community efforts
– Volunteer opportunities for groups and individuals related to assemblage of food boxes, sorting/processing donations, maintenance and cleanliness.
– We are also an approved sight for Community Service as administrated by The Pinellas County Dept of Probation and Clerk of Court (Have/bring all of your paperwork and ID on first visit) Some restrictions apply, please call ahead;
(727) 545-8282 10am – 5pm for any inquiries

All donors can receive receipts for your donations if you or your organization requires such for accounting purposes
(EIN 65-0058805)

Thank you for whatever you can provide to our mission of love.

Simply click on the button below and give what you can, and if you cannot give or you need help yourself, please come to see us…our doors are always open to the hungry, the needy and the homeless.